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Energy-Efficient Windows from JOCRI

A typical house loses 15% heated or cooled air through the windows. Whether you live in a historical home or strata, chances are your doors and windows could be more energy-efficient. We specialize in energy-efficient PVC and aluminum doors and windows. At JOCRI Windows & Doors Mfg. LTD., we custom make your exterior and interior windows to exact specifications and BBC Effinergie® guidelines to get an airtight seal and maximize your energy savings. Learn more about our windows.


Quality Work and Satisfaction

JOCRI Windows and Doors are good to deal with. They do care about the quality of work and the satisfaction of their customers. They will attend to their customer's request in a timely manner. Their installer is polite as well. Thanks for helping our home to be energy efficient! Until next business!

- Shel A

We manufacture a variety of window types, including:



Allowing for great ventilation while keeping the elements at bay, awning windows are easy to operate. They feature sturdy hardware and a durable locking system that offers smooth operation while providing security.



Offering a great view, in addition to providing great ventilation, replacement vinyl casement windows are a great choice for your home. They open to the outside by crank operation. You can choose whether they open to the left or right. Additional features include; a push down screen, secure locking system and triple-pane glass.



Create an elegant view, additional seating and dimension to any room with bow windows. Typically installed in a series of four or more, they can be installed as stationary or windows that open to the outside. Our energy-efficient windows feature durable hardware, push down screens, locking system and sturdy hardware.



Bay windows are three windows put together that extend out from your home. Typically made of one stationary window with two casement windows, they can add a key design feature to any room in your home. In addition to bringing in ventilation, they can also provide additional seating.



Able to be combined with windows and patio doors, picture windows can easily maximize available light. Customize the look with either a high profile or low-profile design. Low profile windows provide clean and simple design. A high-profile picture window is suitable for a bow or bay window combination because their frames can be matched to create a seamless look.

single slider

Single Slider

A single slider window has a fixed pane and slides horizontally from side to side. They feature a low-profile design with a latch inside the sash frame that tilts the window in for cleaning.


Single Hung

A single hung window has one sash that remains stationary while the other moves up and down. They are assembled for smooth operation with an easy to use finger latch that allows the window to tilt in for easy cleaning.

We specialize in energy-efficient PVC and aluminum doors and windows and ship anywhere across Canada.

Custom Made Windows

Learn more about our customized windows to suit your needs

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